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Friday, 17 August 2012

Installing Apple Loops onto iPhone, iPod or iPad (iOS) Garageband

The Short Version
You need to do it via syncing using iTunes. 

You CANNOT download the loops directly from this website to your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

The Long Version (in 10 easy steps)
1: Download and upzip your Tune-Up Loops onto your Mac/PC.

2: Plug in your iOS device and launch iTunes.

3: Under 'Devices' select your device to bring up its sync overview. Click on the 'Apps' tab.

4: At the bottom of the 'Apps' pane you will see a section called 'File Sharing' and a list of apps.

5: Find 'Garageband' in the list and select it. The list to the right should now be called 'Garageband Documents"

6: You can now drag in or add loops using the 'Add' button.

7: Once you have added all the loops you require to the list, press the 'Apply' button at the bottom right of iTunes and let the iOS device sync.

8: Once synced you cannot disconnect your iOS device and launch Garageband on it.

9: To use your new loops, simply go to add a loop as normal. You will notice that at the top of the pop over you have a toggle for 'Apple Loops' or 'Audio Files'. Select 'Audio Files', you will find all of your newly added loops in here.

10.Enjoy your loops :)

OK, Now The Bad News

Although Apple has added this ability to add new loops to iOS Garageband, it's not a great implementation. 

Firstly, it's just a long list of files and the more you add the worse it gets. There is no way to create directories, genres or styles. 

Secondly, iOS Garageband will ignore all of our clever tagging that works perfectly on the desktop version to say what instrument or style the loop is. Infact it seems to ignore the Apple Loop format. Although they are Apple Loops created to Apple's own standards, iOS Garageband refuses to add them into the 'Apple Loops' section of the loops browser.

We find this as frustrating as you will. Hopefully one day Apple will fix it. At least you can now preview the loops before you add them, now that was annoying!

 Have fun and be creative.

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